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Welcome to the Huetlizwerg forest playgroup in Stallikon Sellenbüren!


The forest playgroup Huetlizwerg is designed for children from the age of 3 until they enter kindergarten. The group consists of ten to twelve children and is supervised by two trained forest play group leaders. It takes place exclusively outdoors and in all weather conditions. The children get a healthy and nutritious snack. A warm vegetarian lunch is prepared over the fire. 


The aim of the Huetlizwerg is to accept and support the child in its individual development. Through elements of nature pedagogy, the social, emotional, cognitive, physical and psychological development of the children is supported. We accompany the children on their way to becoming independent and socially responsible personalities with a rooted awareness of nature and the environment. All activities are voluntary for the children. The child decides for itself if and when it is ready.


For further information please visit or

contact Samantha 079 657 90 06 directly.


Registration forms


Please print out the registration form and post it to Samantha, throw it in her mailbox or send by e-mail to

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