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Elki-Wald  (Elki= parent kid) is a nature education programme for families with younger children (from walking age to 3 years). Together in a group we make our first experiences in and with nature and get to know the forest in a playful way. The child is accompanied and supported by a parent or another caregiver. Adults we show the variety of early childhood education in the forest. In addition the attention ist to get to know each other as a preparation for the later attendance at the forest playgroup. The ElKi forest morning lasts two hours (9.15 - 11.15 am).

Children at this age appreciate repetition and need rituals. Therefore the morning will always be structured in a similar way.


The ElKi-Wald takes place 4-6 times from August to November and from April to July every 2 weeks (winter break from December- March). For further information please visit or contact Samantha 079 657 90 06 directly.


Registration forms

Please print out the registration form and post it to Samantha, throw it in her mailbox or send by e-mail to

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