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Playgroup Topolino

The children (from about 3 years) are accompanied and cared for by a trained and experienced playgroup leader.

Laura Kaister

Massholderenstrasse 16

8143 Stallikon

079/454 02 62

Email :

My motto:

I think it's important that children of this age still can be children and still be able to gain their first group experiences. They can live out and discover their imagination and creativity. An end result is not important to me - be it kneading, painting etc. Playing and experiencing together is the essential.

  • The playgroup takes place every Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the kindergarten building of the Loomatt school.

  • A morning costs SFR 25 including snack and material. Please do not give any additional snacks or sweets!

  • I charge for the playgroup days quarterly.

  • Children who cannot participate due to illness or vacation absence will be charged for the reserved place. Please inform me in advance if the child cannot attend.

  • There are no playgroups during the school holidays and school holidays in the Stallikon community.

  • Liability and accident insurance for children is the responsibility of the parents. The children are not insured by the playgroup.

  • The Topolino play group starts on the 2nd Friday after the summer holidays.

  • The notice period is 1 month.

I am happy to answer your questions

Laura Kaister

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